Designs by Ronaldo

Every piece of Ronaldo Jewelry is thoughtfully designed to tell a story and to help tell your story.

 It is personal and intimate. It's a piece of you.

Susan Shaw Jewelry

Heirloom hand-made jewelry collection, made in San Antonio, Texas. Susan Shaw directs the design of each piece, handcrafted by her team of artists and distinguished by signature details such as genuine pearls, 24K triple-gold plating, and richly colored   semi-precious stones like turquoise, onyx, coral, and quartz.


Premium jewelry, handcrafted high end costume jewelry. Sorelli has been a family run business for over 38 years and offers a Lifetime Guarantee.

Southern Gates

Handmade sterling silver designs that are reminiscent of the iron gates of the south.

La Vie Parisienne

La Vie Parisienne combines classic European findings and a selection of historical American pieces, each carefully rendered from the original molds and stampings. All handmade and hand set with Swarovski crystals. Our pieces are made of either 14K gold plating or "old silver", a unique French process of laying sterling silver or 14K gold over a copper or brass base. Sourced in Europe, truly handmade in USA.